Understanding ABSD Remission in the Real Estate Business

Dec 28, 2023

As the leading website for real estate agents, home services, and everything related to the real estate industry in Singapore, sgluxuryhomes.com.sg is dedicated to providing you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. In this article, we will focus on one important aspect of the industry: ABSD remission. Understanding ABSD remission is crucial for both real estate agents and home services providers, as it can have a significant impact on their businesses. Read on to gain a deeper understanding of what ABSD remission entails and how it can help you succeed in this competitive market.

What is ABSD Remission?

ABSD, or Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty, is a tax that is imposed on certain property purchases in Singapore. It is implemented to regulate the demand for residential properties and to ensure that Singaporeans have a fair opportunity to own a home.

The government offers remission schemes, also known as ABSD remission, to ease the financial burden for specific categories of homebuyers. These remission schemes effectively reduce or eliminate the amount of ABSD that would typically be payable.

ABSD Remission for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents play a vital role in the property market, working closely with both buyers and sellers. Understanding the intricacies of ABSD remission allows agents to provide comprehensive guidance to their clients and help them make informed decisions.

By having a thorough understanding of the various remission schemes available, real estate agents can effectively communicate the benefits to potential buyers. This knowledge can be a significant selling point, as it can help clients save a substantial amount of money when purchasing a property.

Real estate agents can demonstrate their expertise by showcasing their knowledge of ABSD remission on their websites, social media platforms, and during client meetings. By positioning themselves as experts in this area, they can attract more potential buyers and ultimately increase their business revenue.

ABSD Remission for Home Services Providers

Home services providers, such as interior designers, renovation contractors, and other professionals in the industry, can also benefit from understanding ABSD remission. Collaborating with real estate agents, they can offer valuable insights and assistance to their clients.

For example, knowing which remission schemes are applicable to specific types of property purchases allows home services providers to give accurate cost estimates to their clients. This can be a significant advantage when competing with other providers who may not possess this knowledge.

Moreover, by explaining these potential cost savings to clients, home services providers can build trust and credibility. Demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of ABSD remission showcases their expertise and professional commitment to offering the best solutions to their clients.


ABSD remission plays a crucial role in the real estate business in Singapore. The knowledge and understanding of these remission schemes are essential for both real estate agents and home services providers, allowing them to provide superior services to their clients.

At sgluxuryhomes.com.sg, we strive to empower real estate professionals and connect them with potential buyers. Our dedication to promoting knowledge and expertise in the industry sets us apart.

Remember, the real estate market can be competitive, and having an edge is crucial for success. Understanding ABSD remission and its applications can be the differentiating factor that propels your business to new heights.