Why Don't I See Angels? (Alma 21)

Jul 7, 2020

Unlocking the Mystery of Angels and Alma 21

Welcome to Winter Park Christian Church, where we delve deep into faith, beliefs, and community. Today, we explore the fascinating question that many have asked: Why don't I see angels? In the context of Alma 21, we'll uncover the profound teachings surrounding angels and their role in our spiritual lives.

Understanding Alma 21

Alma 21 holds a significant place in our religious teachings as it recounts an encounter between the prophet Alma and a powerful conversion through the testimony of Ammon and his brethren, the sons of Mosiah. However, it's essential to note that the ability to see angels is not solely determined by individuals' righteousness or faith.

The Nature of Angels

Angels are celestial beings, often depicted as messengers of God. While their presence is not always visible to the mortal eye, they play a vital role in guiding, protecting, and delivering divine messages. The reasons we may not see angels vary, rooted in spirituality, personal revelation, and the nature of our mortal existence.

The Veil Between Mortality and Heaven

Our physical world exists within a veil that separates mortality from the realm of heaven. This veil acts as a necessary boundary for our earthly experience, preserving our agency and providing opportunities for growth and faith. While some individuals may experience angelic manifestations more prominently, it's crucial to remember that such experiences come through divine will.

Personal Preparedness and Divine Timing

The ability to perceive angels often aligns with an individual's preparedness and spiritual receptiveness. Spiritual growth, righteous living, and the cultivation of personal revelation create a fertile ground for heavenly manifestations. It is through sincere seeking, prayer, and dedicated discipleship that one can increase their sensitivity to spiritual communication, including encounters with angels.

The Language of Angels

Angels often communicate through subtle impressions, whispers, promptings, dreams, or visions, which require our active participation and spiritual attunement. Developing the language of angels requires ongoing effort, anchored in faith, scripture study, inspired meditation, and acts of service. By nurturing a personal relationship with the divine, we open ourselves to the potential for angelic encounters.

Other Ways Angels Bless Our Lives

Although seeing angels may not be the norm for everyone, their influence and guidance extend beyond visible manifestations. Angels can provide comfort, strength, and inspiration during challenging times. Their unseen presence can instill hope, prompt us to make righteous choices, and assist us on our journey towards eternal salvation.

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