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Mar 13, 2022

About Winter Park Christian Church

Winter Park Christian Church (WPCC) is a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to spreading the love and teachings of Christ in Tallahassee. Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment where people of all backgrounds can come together to worship, learn, and serve.

Our Faith and Beliefs

As a Christian community, WPCC is rooted in the belief that God's love is all-embracing and calls us to love and serve one another. We believe in the Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - and that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.

Worship Services

At WPCC, we offer inspiring worship services that provide opportunities for spiritual growth and connection. Our services include powerful sermons, uplifting music, and moments for reflection and prayer. We strive to create an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and encouraged to participate.

Sunday Worship

Join us every Sunday morning for our traditional worship service. With a blend of hymns, scripture readings, and a thought-provoking message, this service is designed to help you deepen your faith and find inspiration for the week ahead.

Contemporary Worship

If you prefer a more contemporary worship experience, we invite you to join us for our Saturday evening service. With modern music, multimedia presentations, and relevant messages, this service is perfect for individuals and families seeking a dynamic worship experience.

Ministries and Programs

WPCC offers a variety of ministries and programs aimed at nurturing spiritual growth, fostering community, and serving others. Whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or senior, there is a ministry or program that will resonate with you.

Children and Youth Ministries

We believe in investing in the spiritual development of our children and youth. Our dedicated team of volunteers leads engaging Sunday School classes, youth groups, and special events that create a nurturing environment for young people to learn about Christian values and grow in their faith.

Adult Ministries

For adults, WPCC offers various Bible study groups, small groups, and fellowship opportunities. These gatherings provide a chance to delve deeper into Scripture, share life experiences, and form meaningful connections with others in our church family.

Mission and Outreach

As followers of Christ, we are called to love our neighbors and serve those in need. At WPCC, we are actively involved in local and global mission projects, partnering with organizations to provide food, shelter, and other resources to those facing hardship. Our mission trips offer transformative experiences for those eager to make a difference.

Visit Us

If you are seeking a welcoming and inclusive Christian community in Tallahassee, Winter Park Christian Church is the place for you. Come join us for worship, connect with fellow believers, and explore meaningful ways to engage with your faith.

We are located at 123 Main Street, Tallahassee, FL 12345. For more information about our services, programs, and events, please visit our website at www.wpcc.org. Feel free to contact us at (123) 456-7890 or email us at [email protected].


Winter Park Christian Church of Tallahassee is a thriving community where faith, love, and service intersect. Whether you are seeking spiritual nourishment, fellowship, or an opportunity to make a difference in the world, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey of faith. We look forward to welcoming you into our church family!

Michelle Wilcox
🙌 Love the inclusive community and mission of Winter Park Christian Church in Tallahassee! 🌟
Oct 14, 2023